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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Well, that was January!

 For the last few years I have blogged on or near the first of the month saying things like, "Oh my gosh! It's insert name of month here and I can't believe it! This year is going so quickly!". So I have decided to change it up this year. I'm planning to blog on the last day of the month and say pretty much the same thing! (Yeah, don't expect too much of a change from me!) So, this last day of January has seen me (and my family) getting ready for Lily's birthday party. She has invited 42 (42??? Am I crazy or what?) of her closest friends to a Dr Who themed party. I know very little about Dr Who, other than a series or two when Tom Baker was the doctor and I was pretty much the same age as Lily and it became imperative to watch it. (All school conversation revolved around The Goodies and Dr Who. I was already a Goodies fan so I gave in and watched Dr Who too.) My kids, however, are completely into it. The new Dr Who of course.

Decorating started today. This is a simulation of Gallifreyan (least any diehards try to read it) on my wall.

Blurry Tardis
And this is a blurry Tardis full of current Dr Who quotes. Things like "Bow ties are cool" and things like that.

Sausage rolls
Sophie has been making black boxes, Addapose and a Tardis covering for the front door. My contribution has been baking sausage rolls and pasties ready for the big night. Tomorrow I will be baking cakes etc. It will be a busy day! (Fish fingers and custard for 42!)

Oh. And January is over. That was quick! Isn't this year flying by?!!!


Lotti said...

Sounds like fun ... and by the way those Sausage rolls look pretty good. I can't believe how quickly this month has gone by. Seems like yesterday I was heading off to Melbourne to spend Christmas with Jason and Sammy and now its over a month later. Yep, it sure has gone by quickly.

Sounds like a fun party.

Annabella said...

'We' love Doctor Who in this house - have fun!

Amanda said...

I was into Dr Who and the Goodies too when I was a kid. It just isn't the same now without all the cardboard props and polystyrene alien costumes LOL. Can't get into the new guy at all. My son was DR who mad from the 10th dr, he made me make him a Tardis birthday cake for his 7th birthday. He has about 600 DR who Cards, About 3 tardis's,a darlek in the cupboard and heaps of posters all round his wall. He isn't so fanatical now though which is a good thing. I'm sure the birthday will be fantastic.

Jindi's Cottage said...

A Dr Who party how fun! Oh to be whisked away in the Tardis for adventures...good thing the Tardis is roomy to accommodate the 42 closest friends...enjoy...

Leanne said...

Sounds fantastic I expect you are recovering at the moment. Tony has been a fan since it started and Lucas loves it also. I will watch it if I have nothing else to do and I do enjoy it when I watch it.