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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Tonight's Sunset

Although I haven't set any sewing goals yet I am busy working on some life goals I have set for 2013.

I am hoping to be fitter next Christmas so I am walking. Tonight we watched this lovely sunset across the paddocks as we walked. It was a beautiful country scene. Unless you looked to the left.

We live in the heart of suburbia, but just a short walk away from our house there are farms and paddocks. I don't think they'll stay intact much longer, the land must be worth a fortune! So, until it changes, I have a lovely setting to get fit in and possibly lose a little weight. I am busy concentrating on those goals at the moment!


Shay said...

Glorious sunset Kris.Im trying to be more healthy too but haven't committed to any walking yet . You go girl !

Cath said...

you go girl! I love walking ... interesting people, dogs, birds and things to see (although, I don't like the snakes I sometimes meet)
cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Leanne said...

Good luck with the weight so easy to gain sooooo hard to loose.

Shontelle said...

Good on you Kris! One of the hardest things is getting started. At least you've got a great view! Xx