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Monday, 10 December 2012

Sick of being sick? Make gingerbread houses!

That was our motto today. Asher was too sick to participate, but Sophie and Maxim managed to produce two beautiful houses whilst only eating a portion of the decorations! It was easy because the houses were flat-pack houses from Ikea and the icing takes just a few minutes to make. So pretty and such a delicious smell. And therapeutic! They both felt much better once they finished. As for the sewing, I'm not sure I even remember where my sewing room is at the moment.


Shay said...

A stunning effort from a house full of people with germs. Im very impressed. Last time I tried to put one of those Ikea houses together to resemble something remotely pretty - I failed big time !

Lorraine said...

hope you are all on the mend soon! Great houses...enough sugar there for a year long sugar-high!

Q said...

I did that a few years ago at a community church event, was the best fun ever. Especially eating half the lollies and watching what everyone else was doing with their houses. Going to copy you and do this with friends before Christmas.

Joolz said...

Those houses are very speccy!