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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Lights

the lights from the side

the light in our window
This week we have been putting up our Christmas lights. This year we even have some strung through trees and bushes. Sophie is also keen to get some lights in our windows upstairs. We saw some lovely lights in Ikea, but they were too big for our windows. So she decided to make some herself. The lovely star you see is the result. Tomorrow we will work on some more lights to go in the windows! I am busy sewing Christmas presents and will continue on with that tomorrow too. Can't wait to finish them and wrap them!


Shay said...

Every year I think about lights for the outside of the house ...and I still don't do it.

Loved looking at yours though.

Lorraine said...

nice lights! love the idea of the star in the window upstairs.....