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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

More Bunting

Six strings of bunting finished now!
Yes, I managed to finish three more strings of bunting today, and that's about it. I am doing a cold (now that it's summer here!) and I've felt a bit sorry for myself today. Sore throat, dripping nose, and a cough. I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow though because I'm pretty sure I caught this from my Bradley. He was sick one day (even napping in the afternoon, which isn't like him) and well the next. So I hope I'm just like him! Tomorrow there will be more bunting hopefully.


Shay said...

You're a lean mean bunting machine Kris. I re-strung some of my bunting from last year and Im much happier with the end result this time .

Hope that cold of yours is all gone!

Daisy Jayne said...

Now who has been busy.... just love the red and white bird fabric

Lotti said...

I'm love all the bunting that I'm seeing on Blogs at the moment ... think that I need to have a go at making some myself. It looks so nice. Love your colours.

Sarah said...

Yes we have had the cough/runny nose here thing to. DH seemed to recover super quick and so did the little man. BUt me - still a week later I am all blocked up. its the pits. Get better real quick - I love that bunting!

Amanda said...

Love the bunting very productive. Hate colds in summer it is probably this very changeable weather we are having, hope you are feeling better.