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Monday, 31 December 2012

2012, the reflective post.

Normally I have my goals for the new year all worked out by December 31st. Not this year. All of a sudden December is finishing and I'm not ready for January, which pretty much sums up my 2012 I think. It all happened well before I was ready for it. Over and over! (Every month!) I'd like 2013 to be different, but it's not looking good so far.

one of the new quilts I finished

one of the WIP quilts I finished

 I managed to finish two quilts that I started in 2012, and four WIP quilts. Halfway to my goal for the year. Twice as many quilt finishes as 2011 though so not too bad. It's hard to feel too disappointed when there has been improvement. I did blog much more in 2012 too which met my goal in regard to blogging. I'm not sure where my goals for 2013 will take me. I'm sure I will be posting surprise every month that the previous month is over (time flies!). I have a project in the upcoming January Homespun magazine which I am looking forward to seeing in print! Stay tuned for the 2013 goals.


Leanne said...

I keep thinking I will 100 soon the way time flies. Well done on the Homespun project. Happy 2013.

Q said...

Congratulations on your project in Homespun how cool is that? I will have to make sure I get one and then I can point to it and tell my mum I sat with you at Inspired Stitches! You seem to be sewing all the time to me as a reader and you still have time to share about your family happenings. So give yourself a pat on the back. Some goals don't need to be ticked off, they just need to be there for inspiration. I don't know where the quote comes from but it's something along the lines of aiming for stars even if you land on the roof. Now stand there and admire the roof :D
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Oh I'm with you - how are we at the last day of 2013 already?!

Lovely projects and well done on getting a great amount of quilts finished! And a big congratulations on having a project in Homespun - how exciting!

Shay said...

Happy New Year Kris.

I cant wait to see your project in Homespun. That's such exciting news.