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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

We did it!

 Lily performed last night in her school concert. For some reason they had a no photo rule, but I did manage to quickly snap one photo, accidentally of course. Lily played the piano whilst her friend sang, played clarinet and bass clarinet in the Jazz Band, bass clarinet in the Clarinet Ensemble, and clarinet in her class performance. She was very nervous, but made it all the way to the end without crying or fainting! (Ok. That's never happened, but she gets so nervous she just feels it might.)

Lily accompanying her friend
And then today I actually finished clearing my sewing desk. Yes, I can hardly believe it either. Since I finished it I have done nothing other than stare at it. It could be that I'm awestruck, or it could be that getting home last night at midnight and into bed well after 1am is just not that conducive to creative thinking. So I'm off to stare at my clear desk some more and maybe think of what I will sew tomorrow. Maybe.

The said desk, with somewhat messy shelves. Can't have everything!


Pip said...

Wish my sewing desk looked like that, now yours is all ready to your next round of creativity.

Lorraine said...

Hmmmm...nice desk! Mine looks nothing like that! ...I have moved the machine to the table in the living room...not sure where I will go once that becomes too cluttered to use...LOL

Sarah said...

Great the concert went well!

HA ha on your desk. After I clear mine it magically seems to attract more - humfh!

Amanda said...

I can't tell you how nervous I use to get when I danced as a child I had to give it up in the end because it was just too much to deal with.

I can't show my sewing room at the moment, probably ever it is just a constant mess I don't seem to be able to get anywhere with it. Very impressive.

Leanne said...

Well done Lilly. I was just thinking how good your shelving was messy or not. I am looking for something similar for Port Elliot.

Jantine said...

Well done Lily! I wish my kids were this brave ;-). That table does look tempting... hope you found some energy back.