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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Are you into Retro/Vintage?

My son Joseph is. His interest started out by wanting to relive all things connected to his childhood. (I know right, how old can he be? I am barely any age at all! He began wanting to relive his childhood at 17, and he's 23 now so he's well into it!) He started spending a lot of time in secondhand shops as a result and has become interested in all things retro. He loves to find old phones and do them up so that they can be used again. (He has always had a passion for phones. He has had more mobile phones than a phone shop!) He began getting such a collection that he decided to sell some on eBay, and just recently he opened an etsy shop.

black phone from 1970

ivory phone from the 60/70's era

ivory bakelite phone from 1955
Yes, he has even found bakelite phones! They are all cleaned and wired for the current phone network so they can be used on any telephone line. So, if you are interested in having a blast from the past (they actually have bells inside of them rather than a digital ring!) check out his etsy shop.


Shontelle said...

I have wanted a black bakelite phone wired for modern phone lines forever! I am heading on over!

joe Paton said...

I have a black Bakelite that I am currently getting ready for sale and will out online soon.

Leanne said...

Showing my age here I can remember being excited when we didn't have to ring the exchange, and my best friend had two 0's in her phone number. You had to turn the dial all the way round. Not a lot of excitement in the country.