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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Block finishes for do. Good Stitches

Since it is August you might be thinking that these blocks are my August blocks. Not so. They are my July blocks. Deep shame here people, because they are meant to arrive at their destination on the 10th of August. Just not going to happen because they are going overseas to Karen. Sorry Karen! I have had a tough couple of months, but I am finally getting it together. (I promise to be better from now on!)

Just looking at these blocks in isolation gives you no idea as to what the quilt will look like. I must admit to feeling quite ho-hum about these blocks until I saw the quilt that inspired Karen's choice. You must have a look at Rachel's quilt  and block tutorial here. I just love that quilt! And any minute now I'm going to make one just like it. (It's on a loooooong list!)

So, I am feeling a bit better. (I have just been a tad miserable of late) I am sewing again. (Proof of feeling better!) My space is tidy and usable. Things are looking up! Hope things are cheerful at your house!


Chookyblue...... said...

yes you have been quiet........glad your back into the sewing.........

Shay said...

Love the colour combos of those blocks Kris.

I've also been a bit slack on the sewing front of late but this week has seen me getting back into it. Maybe both our lives are finally calming down!