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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Knitted Hand Warmers

I have been doing a little knitting of late. The weather has been chilly. The heater has been on. We have been snuggled under quilts. What else do you need to make this a perfect cosy picture of winter? Yes! The click clack of needles.

These hand warmers (I'll admit right here that I will never be a hand model) are made from Cleckheaton Country Tweed and they are really just a rectangle. I always thought that hand warmers would have to be something way more fancy, but Miss 20 knitted some recently along the same line, without a pattern, and I thought they were genius! Now to sew up the other one! (I knitted the two at the same time because I usually can only make one of anything!)


Pip said...

I have two pairs of hand warmers, they are wonderful on these chilly mornings, I can still sew and type with them on

Daisy Jayne said...

WOW what a great idea... so easy

Lorraine said...

very clever!! I like them! .....and so simple..who knew? Ha Ha...I can so identify with only making one of something .....it's like...oh yeah....that's cool....can I be bothered making another one? ...probably not..so i would definitely have to make them at the same time....or keep one hand in my pocket LOL

Sarah said...

FAR out that is exactly te same wool I used and colour for my jumper, gloves and scarf!!!

I will blog about them very soon. Just cannot stop wearing it : o )

Leanne said...

How clever. I have a pair and at the moment they are needed it is freezing here also.

Lotti said...

Haven't been able to comment on your last few posts because there was some sort of virus type thingy blocking me from getting on there. Don't know what that was all about. Anyway I just want to say that I love these things. Interestingly I've seen quite a few patterns for these lately and I really really like them. I think they are a great .... some of the patterns I've seen are really really nice. I saw a pattern for some lacey ones the other days.