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Friday, 13 July 2012

Favourite Things Friday

Is it Friday already? I wouldn't have known except for the fact that I happened to see Shay's Favourite thing Friday post. And then I pondered, what am I thankful for this week? I came up with a blank. And then I thought that it has to be Shay, for alerting me to the fact that it is Friday. Now that may just sound sad and possibly ridiculous, but I think what I really mean is my favourite this week is the sewy community here on the Internet. My blog is five years old and for five years I have met the most amazing people and shared in their successes and marvelled at their great things. For about four months prior to the instigation of my blog I read other people's blogs. I loved that too, but felt like I wanted to get in on the fun so my daughter showed me how to set up a blog. She already had a blog that I read and marvelled at. You can check her blog out here.

One of the main reasons I started blogging was for me. I liked the idea of having a record of things I had made. I felt that if I recorded things then it would encourage me to make more. Making is a big part of my life. When I am happy, I make. I had an excellent role model in my mother. She sewed most of our clothes for us and we loved them! She made most of her own clothes too. She knitted jumpers, hats, gloves, and ponchos (it was the 70s!) for us too. Growing up I saw the results of her art classes, basketry classes, bark painting classes, leatherwork classes, woodwork classes, calligraphy classes, flower arranging classes, you name it - she made it! She encouraged us to make things too. When we were sick, or when it was a rainy day, out would come a basket of making goodies. So I have been making things all my life. When I got to a period in my life where I wasn't making anything (my doctor called it depression) I started to wonder if the reverse would be true. If I made a conscious effort to make things, would I then be happy? Well, you probably all know the answer to that, cause you make things too.

Sometimes when things are tough the making gets stalled, and it is then that the Internet (ie all you lot) inspire me and get me making again. In other words, you make me happy! Thank you for each and every post!

Some of you may have noticed that the making is somewhat stalled here at the moment. I'm working on it! Here are some pretty things I am thinking about today.


thea said...

Great favorite! It's one of mine too! I love the sewy blogging community.

Dolores said...

Hey Kris, I'm so blessed to have met you and many others through this bloggy thing.


Chookyblue...... said...

Hey Kris............thanks for being such a great blog friend to me too......sometimes it's almost like a secret world for me.........so many have no idea what's out there if your look.........now go get some stitching out and I know you will feel better........

Oh and I think I have followed your blog from the start so that means we have been friends for a long time now..........wonderful

Sarcastic Quilter said...

It's double sided, we love you, too and the inspiration you provide! :D

Happy Friday!

Nanci said...

I totally agree with blog world! It is an amazing place to meet friends that most of us will never see and to keep in touch with the things we love to do. Some of us are experts in the sense of the word, whereas others are just doing the things that make us happy.
Fridays with Shay is always a hightlight of my week too. All the different people we've connect with and showcasing our life.
By the way that last photo made my day! Love bright quilts.
A good one.

Cynthia L. said...

You are so right about blog friends. Even when I had too much going on in my life and didn't blog, my friends would check in on me.

I think it is so wonderful that you have such a creative family. I love to keep my hands busy with something, but as you say, there are days...

ANudge said...

What an eclectic bunch of things you've made - they would make me happy just looking at them. Keep making!

Shay said...

I'm constantly inspired by my bloggy friends and the sewing community. It's such a generous and wonderful community to be a part of .I've met amazing people who have helped me grow as a person and as a quilter.

LOVED this favourite!

Sarah said...

WHat a lovely post Kris!

Oh that red work quilt - you tease!!!! YOu know how much I love that quilt.

LIke the lego head, oh the monsters and cuty rabbit. I remember her!