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Monday, 23 July 2012

Finally! Some sewing.

memory quilt blocks
It felt like I might never sew again, but this past weekend I managed to turn the machine on and piece some blocks. Now they are pinned together ready for me to turn into a quilt top sometime today. Wonders will never cease! The centres of the blocks are some that were prepared earlier by a youth group my Bradley helps lead. They threw a surprise party for one of the boys and my Bradley thought it would be lovely for him to be able to remember the occasion. I did feel a bit put upon at first (imagine him thinking I could quickly whip up a quilt!), but I'm fine with it now because I have actually done some sewing! So, off to sew.


Lorraine said...

Enjoy your sewing! ....ha ha.....of course we can all just whip up a quilt can't we?? which reminds me I have a couple to whip up myself....must make a start on them! there are babies being born with no quilts to warm them! Yikes!

Daisy Jayne said...

Enjoy your sewing ... nice choice of fabrics..... after I have finished some EOY financial***** i think I might be in the mood to whip up a few small quilts for the grandchildren

Lotti said...

I'd love to see that quilt when it's finished, looks like it's going to be lovely. Your quilt reminds me of the quilting that the mother who is dying, does for her kids in STEP-MOM .... memory quilts for them to remember her by and they are so beautiful. The daughter gets a quilt, but the son gets a quilted cape, because he wants to be a magician.

Leanne said...

I'm sure you can whip that quilt up while your cooking tea LOL it look like it will be a lovely memento.