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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Yesterday at the Patchwork Apple (It's June!)

Yesterday was my first trip to the new (old) Patchwork Apple. Living in Melbourne now would have something to do with that. Jane shut her shop in Woodside in February and has moved it to her home on Tiers Road Lenswood where she is open two days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9:30am to 6pm. The path above is the path to her shop. This is where the Patchwork Apple started out 17 years ago and where I used to visit Jane regularly all that time ago! Jane and I marvelled that it was so long ago! The first time I walked this path I was carrying my tiny little son (now 6'4") and yesterday I carried my tiny little granddaughter. Then, just as we were leaving, Jane's tiny little granddaughter arrived with her Mummy! Gosh time flies.

This is the door of the new shop. Jane (and her able-bodied helpers) has built a new shop on the side of her house. In true Jane style it is very pretty. (She has such a talent for making everything look beautiful!) Lots of windows too - light is so important!

A peek into the shop. Picklesticks and I managed to have a lovely time looking at all Jane's fabrics and even managed to buy some to take home with us!

Oh. And it's June. Ready or not, it's June. Goals for this month? To sew clothes and finish off a couple of quilts. And I want to stitch. Do-able? I think so!


Lorraine said...

I was so tempted to suggest a catch up at the Apple while you were in Adelaide.....thanks for sharing the pics...I am going to have to take a mid-week day off and go visit Jane in her new digs. ...and yes...June is here - not sure who stole Jan - May!

Karen said...

OMG, I thought she had gone for good.
Might need to sweet talk the Chubby Hubby into a drive to Lenswood.

Shay said...

Time is a thief or so they say. I was ruminating on this the other day when I realised my birthday is approaching and I'll be 45. Where did the last 20 years go.

Jane's new dig s look thrilling...I bet I could do a lot of financial damage there!

Katherine said...

You're right, time really does slip by way too quickly. Rather neat that Jane has returned to where she started, (albeit now she has a lovely new additon for her shop) and that you knew each other back when your kids were littles.