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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sunday afternoon Drive

 Melbourne skyline in background

I felt a need to go look at the ocean on Sunday. Well, I felt over everything and wanted to go to Glenelg North to sit on a park bench in front of the sea. That always makes me feel better. Of course, seeing as Glenelg North is a suburb of Adelaide and I live in Melbourne now, I had to make do. There were no park benches and being out of the car was freezing. (I know that the weather forecast map often states similar temperatures for Adelaide and Melbourne, but I am here to tell you that, map schmap, Melbourne is waaay colder. Not sure how that works, but it is true.) I took my camera with me and this is what I saw. Still feel pretty much over everything as you may have noticed since it took me two days to blog this. Bad news yesterday and again today (small, insignificant things in the scheme of things I guess) have kept me over everything. I think I need to make something!


Jo in TAS said...

Sounds like you need some stitching therapy!

Lorraine said...

Sorry to hear you are "over everything" ....and hope looking at the ocean fixed it ......you will be over here soon and will be able to check out Glenelg North again....shame I can't be at IS this year - something else to blame the ex-Prince for...hope you have a fabulous time!! ....and that you are feeling better soon!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Doesn't sound good - being over everything, I agree Melbourne is waay colder than Adelaide, has been nice here the last few days. Great photos by the way.

Suzanne said...

Water/ocean have a calming effect on me too. Hope everything sorts out okay.

Shay said...

Well Im glad to hear you found an alternative to Glenelg North beach.

Bad news stinks doesnt it. Even small things have a way of rankling sometimes especially if they come in twos.

Take care of yourself and I hope the bad news sorts itself out soon.

I sometimes think the slightly over everything phases we all have are a way of making the other times seem brighter!

Sarah said...

Feeling like that is the pits.

I am so pleased you have taken the initiative to help yourself feel better. I on the other hand would slob around the house feeling sorry for myself. IT is amazing how much better a walk makes you feel!

quiltygal said...

Hope things are looking up for you Enjoy yourself at IS give Gail a hug for me :)