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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Home again.

My boys and I drove home to Melbourne from Adelaide on Friday. I am getting to know that road really well. Most of the day was sunny, with a little rain around Bordertown SA. I spent yesterday recovering. I find there's nothing like sitting doing nothing in a car to make you tired!

I came home from Adelaide with a new pincushion. A Bliss pincushion in fact that picklesticks made for me. It is heavenly. Number one because I just love Bliss. Number two because she always makes such pretty things. And number three because I didn't have one! Miss 24 went to Adelaide to visit under her own steam and when picklesticks professed a desire to make a pincushion Miss 24 encouraged her to make one for me because I keep knocking my pin tin off the table! (I know! Who knew I was so clumsy, but I am!) I don't know whether I will continually knock the pincushion off the table, but I know if I do it will be a lot easier to pick up!


Leanne said...

And number 4 because it was a gift from a daughter........makes it even more special. I agree driving is exhausting.

Sarah said...

That pincushion is insanely beautiful! Lovely colours!

Louise said...

At least your new pretty pincushion will bounce! x

PS. Do I remember salt marshes along that road, or am I in a completely different part of Australia altogether!

Shay said...

Brings back memories of a weekly drive bwtween here and Mount Gambier. I swear I vowed never to drive long distances again after that. Of course you had something worth driving to at either end.

Love the pincushion. That pickesticks is a woman of many talents.

Glad you're home safe and sound.

Life's little stuff said...

Gorgeous ! Gorgeous! Thinking of you all! love sneeking a peek at you and Picklesticks blogs.
Hugs Tina

Suzanne said...

Very pretty! She did a wonderful job!

Jantine said...

That pincushion is great!
Maybe you can get one of your kids to put all the pins from the tin into the pincushion? Or... use the tin when starting to pin and remove it when sewing so you just have to put the pins in the pincushion ;-).

Lorraine said...

Don't know how you do it! Glad you are home safe and sound...and with a little gift to take along....nice work Picklesticks...love the fabric in that pin cushion....this won't make as much noise when you knock it on to the floor!

Lotti said...

Ooooooh, love that pin cushion .... very fancy ... great job by your lovely daughter ... so pretty,love the fabric.