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Friday, 15 April 2011

A Sad Discovery...

Well, I heard it straight from the horse's lips. Miss 18 is NOT a quilter! It is a sad day here I can tell you, but, we are bearing it as well as we can. Lol! Actually, we have had a great couple of days. Miss 24, Miss 18 and I sitting in front of DVDs ("As Time Goes By", "Doc Martin", "M.A.S.H") and crocheting. Miss 24 and I are old hands, but Miss 18 hasn't done much crocheting before. She is charmed by it's speed. Here is a hat she crocheted last night and this morning.

This afternoon she decided to give a beret a go. No patterns for her, she is "winging it". (This is the daughter who sews clothes by laying down on the fabric and cutting it around herself.) It was the beret that triggered my discovery. As I went off to bed she was saying,

"No! I want to finish it now! If I can't finish it in a day I don't want to make it. I thought crochet was supposed to be quick!"

Yes, that's when I discovered she is not a quilter. She laughed and wondered aloud why I had been so slow to catch on. Ahh... you live and learn! Life has been busy and fun this week because she has been visiting. Tomorrow Miss 14 comes home from camp and we will have a fun couple of days together before Miss 18 goes home to Adelaide. I will miss her, quilter or not!


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Some quilt some don't, I'm the only quilter in my family, one sister sews clothes and stuff and knits, but has no desire to quilt, despite my trying to teach her :(

Shay said...

Sounds like Miss 18 already has some rocking skills-pattern drafting, sewing clothes and now she's adding crochet to the list. You can't have everything. The hat looks great!

Jantine said...

I started with other skills too ;-)!! SO you never know!
She did a great job crocheting!

picklesticks said...

I think we can forgive her not being a quilter. Now I just need her at my house so I have someone to knit/crochet with!

Suzanne said...

To each their own...and it looks like she is a wonderful crocheter. Enjoy time with your girls.