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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter and the craft-a-thon.

We decided on Wednesday that we quite liked the idea of Easter running into Anzac Day. What's not to love about a five day weekend? Even so, we were a little down because this is the first Easter that we wouldn't get to see all of our kids. (In fact this weekend we are down to three kids because one is visiting in Adelaide.) So, what to do to cheer ourselves up?

A craft-a-thon!

Wednesday Miss 24, Miss 14 and I went to Lincraft and Spotlight to top up our supplies and then we started crafting! Hmm..... considering how much time we have spent crafting there's not a whole lot to show yet. Miss 14 made the Easter basket above. All up she made five of these baskets and has baked some choc chip cookies to go inside of them for her church youth group leaders to say thank you for the camp she attended last week. She has been quite productive!

I finished this crocheted rug, finally! Dawn commented last time I showed it that it looked like a patchwork crocheted rug which thrilled me, because that was exactly what I had in mind as I crocheted it. I crocheted it for our new grandchild who will be arriving in July. I also finished stitching the last of my Tis The Season blocks. I have yet to put borders on all the stitcheries, but plan to do that next week. My crafting efforts this weekend though are concentrating on that new grandchild and I am crocheting a cardigan and sewing some clothes. Miss 24 is busy knitting booties. Anyway, I must get back to it. Hopefully there will be some more finished articles by Tuesday!


Sarah said...

WOW that blanket has grown... Lovely cheerful job!

Suzanne said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderfully productive weekend break!

Shay said...

Love the baskets done by Miss 14. They're so cute . Can she teach me?

I bet this new grandbaby of yours adores the crochet blanket! It's so bright and cheerful. Way to go on the finish Kris.

Louise said...

Hold on, I've missed something somewhere along the line - a new grandchild! Congratulations to all. Gorgeous baby blanket. x