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Friday, 1 April 2011

Doors - Snappy Friends Challenge

Okay, so these are not amazing photos, but work with me here. I had a complete vision of what I would do for this challenge. It involved a trip to the inner city where front doors are right on the footpath, then I would take some fantastic photos. But this week I went to my daughter's graduation. The graduates were taken on stage through a door to the left of the stage. When the door opened there was a sliver of light and I thought of the metaphorical doors that would open for these people because of their graduation. So, here are my thoughts this week on doors represented by these two photos.

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Gillie said...

I love it! Great to look at and I love the analogy!

Shay said...

Very symbolic. Where do these deeps thoughts of yours come from? (and why dont I think like that!)

Love your representation of doors Kris.