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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rain and STILL Inspired Stitches!

For the last week or so we have had rainy weather. This is very exciting (in a really sad way) to Adelaide people! At our house we had about 84 mm of rain in April and have had 12 mm so far in May. The rain in the photo below was last Saturday.

Yes, I am STILL talking about Inspired Stitches. I was reading Peg's blog tonight about her weekend away with her sewing friends. She said that she was very blessed to have her stitching friends in her life and I thought that I hadn't conveyed to you just how much fun it was to meet other sewers at Inspired Stitches. Each unit at Westminster school slept 4 people and our unit was so much fun! It was also a wonderful feeling to be in a room full of people who love to stitch. On a swap note I sent off my Redwork Cushion Swap (that Maree organised) and it was received by Chookyblue on Friday. (So relieved! I worry until they are received. What can I say? I could worry for Australia!!!) She should be blogging about it today or tomorrow so go over and have a look at my stitching and cushion. I designed my own redwork stitchery (you may remember the drawing I showed a little sneak peek of) because I know Chookyblue loves wildflowers! I was quite pleased with it when I finished. I am spending some time this week getting organised (translation - resurrecting my trashed sewing room!) and then I will sew! Hope your week is wonderful too!


zigzago said...

Here in central Italy the weather is bad too! A lot of rainy days! Hope it become better because in this time of the year it's not so normal. I'm from Belgium and there are much more rainy days, ... the best time to make a reunion with friends ans sew all along! ... love your work and your blog!hugs, Renata.

nicolette said...

I can imagine you’re still talking abouty the inspired stitching! So much lovely stuff to see and make. It must be a thrill to be part of a get-together with so many stitchers and to meet those great OZ designers!

Leanne said...

The rain was great. How are your inspired stitches projects going?

Levin (and Emily) said...

I've seen other pictures from bloggers and it looks like you all had fun!

joolzmac said...

Hi Kris

Ooh, i'd love to belong to a craft group. Maybe, one day...(dreams)!

Finished my holiday post so go for a read.

Cheers - Joolz