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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Nine Patch Swap

I joined another swap. Hard to believe, I know. This is a really exciting swap though. Each month you make 12 6 1/2 inch nine patch blocks from two reproduction fabrics (one dark, one light). Easy peasy I think. You post off your 12 (and a stamped envelope-Aussies only because of the postage!) and receive back 12 blocks of different fabrics ready to go in your quilt. After 6 months you will have 72 blocks (ahrgh! Maths! Hope I'm right here!) to put together in your quilt. It is being run by Christine. You should pop over and see her to join in. (She also has made her first 12 blocks and shows you how she did it!)

I once made a civil war quilt, but apart from that have had very little experience with reproduction fabrics. (None in the stash!) So it was off to the patchwork apple to see the lovely Jane. Today was the patchwork apples 15th birthday! I have been going there for 15 years now and I love it as much now as the first time I went there. Right from the first moment I went there I felt at home. (Well actually, the shop was in Jane's home to begin with!) Jane and Annette were so friendly (and tolerant of my many homeschooled children who went everywhere with me! Unlike another Quilt shop that had a ban on children!) and their fabrics so pretty! The fabrics are still pretty and Jane is still friendly, but mostly everything else has changed! The shop has moved from Lenswood to Woodside, Annette is no longer with us, the kids mostly have their own things to do now, and I am a grey haired grandmother when I walk through Jane's door! Like my reproduction fabrics I got there today? Then you should consider joining the nine patch swap!


joolzmac said...

WHO has the audacity to BAN children from a shop?????

Joolz (in wonderment!)

PS Word Verification: prays

Lurline said...

Good news, Swapping Girlfriend! Stunning fabrics, don't let them talk you into drab and dreary - what a great start!
Hugs - Lurline♥

joolzmac said...

Hi Kris

Wow, your red-work swap to Chookyblue is fantastic. What a work of art! Just so Aussie and original. Well done,

- Joolz

Chookyblue...... said...

yeah I'm doing the swap also..........should be fun........