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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Melbourne Aquarium

This morning we went to the Melbourne Aquarium. It is just lovely. We really enjoyed it. All of the exhibits are really beautiful. One of my favourite exhibition areas was the jellyfish. They are just so graceful.

Miss 12 and her camera were busy all the time. Mr 8 had a lovely time crawling into little cubby holes with perpex domes extending into the aquarium. They also had a touching table and Mr 8 was able to touch a starfish and the empty egg cases of sharks. We had a great time, partly I think because we don't usually get to see anything like this at home.


Bird Bath said...

I adore the aquarium, it has such a gentle, peaceful atmosphere. I bet Mr.8 enjoyed the opportunity to get close to some sea creatures

Lotti said...

Isn't that gorgeous. Never been there .... but certainly something to see next time I go home to Melbourne. Really nice.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I like your last picture, with the silhouette and the fish swimming by. We're planning a weekend in Melbourne sometime, so you're giving me a lot of good ideas.

louise said...

Just like being down under the Great Barrier Reef. x