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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Paperbag swap received!

Yesterday I received my paperbag swap from Leah. She did a marvellous job with the fabrics I sent and I really love what she did with it! I am desperate for a new bag and wallet. Well, not anymore because that's what she made for me. The bag is above. (The stitching is lovely, but all the detail photos I took were blurry!)

A good look at the wallet Leah made. I have been meaning to make a wallet since mine died last year. (Sad I know) I love this one because it's really practical. I will really be able to use it. I just love those fabrics!

A brooch with all my bits and pieces. And an mp3 player lanyard and cover. (Okay, I have to admit here that I had no idea what this was when I opened the package. As I stood there wondering Mr 15 said, "Hey! Cool mp3 cover!" Of course! On the tip of my tongue - thanks son!) All the mp3 player crazies in my house (there's a few of them) are eying it off, but I haven't relinquished ownership of it yet. I may just get an mp3 player myself!

Thank you Leah for all the lovely goodies (and the extras!). Thank you Sam for organising the swap. I am still working on mine for Leah. It's got to be good now! This swap was so much fun! Got to hit the sewing machine!!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What lovely goodies! I must admit I was intrigued with the paperbag swap idea - looks like it was a fun challenge.

zigzago said...

This is realy a beautiful bag with a lot of useful details! Renata.

Katherine said...

Great swap goodies, Kris! Don't you just love pretty, yet practical gifts like these? Enjoy them (and go get that mp3 player for yourself...that should stake your claim on the sweet mp3 cover).LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow! Leah has done a beautiful job! Your gifts are lovely. I'm still working on mine too... a little set back with about 3 hours of unpicking! Hopefully it'll be posted by Friday!!

Tammy said...

Oh all such gorgeous goodies, your bag looks devine!

Leah said...

Hi Kris, so glad to here that you like them and that they will be used! The cover thing, could be used for MP3's or Keys, Key pouch, to stop the scratching of your sunglasses?!! lol I got it out of a Jap Craft book. Have fun with it.

Aim said...

Sweet bag! Great accessories, too!

Jenny said...