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Thursday, 10 May 2007

I'm here! Finally! Sort of!

I am very new to this - hence the lack of visuals - but felt after reading many other's blogs that I had something to say and show you! (Ooops! That visual thing again) Life at Rosemary Hill is always busy. George (my best friend and the tall, dark and handsome stranger I hooked up with some twenty-five years ago) works here at RH (Rosemary Hill) and we homeschool some of the eight children we created together. The others are grown up and doing their own things!

Actually, there was great excitement today when #1 (Picklestick) discovered that her blog and etsy shop can now be googled. Of course it was remote excitement because Picklestick and Her Bloke live "off campus" at Picklestick Manor. #2 (Yellowone) and #3 (Giant Joe) are all but grown up. They still live at RH but go out to the world of work to support themselves. #4 (Lucy Lou) and #5 (Katie) are busy with high school at home, preparing themselves for the world of work and the other three (Xam, Murray and Dax) are our homeschoolers.

This week has seen us painting, quilting, stitching, designing, journaling and renovating. We are DIY through and through. Tomorrow I am off to a rag rug class so I'll have something else to show you. (umm..... when I get the visuals worked out. I'm sure some three year old child will be able to help me with that!)


LauraJ said...

welcome to the blogging world dearie! i found you through picklesticks blog which i found through craftser. lovely gals the both of ya! i look forward to many crafty posts.

picklesticks said...

Yay! It is very fun to read your posts and this was only the first one. I am a little disappointed that I am not the first, I will just have to try for your next one. We will see if we can wrangle up a 3 year old child for you!

dictionaryqueen said...

I love your blog, and have decided to bookmark it. i don't bookmark many blogs, so you're special.

Your writing's captivating and interesting... and that's just from the one blog.

Anonymous said...

Rag rugs? Ive always wanted to do that! Are your fish pouches zipped up or fastened some other way? Keep on blogging- Ill keep on looking!

Anonymous said...

Looking at your stuff makes me happy. I like your colours and the things you make.