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Saturday, 26 May 2007

"A (bargain) hunting we will go..."

The patchwork apple had it's thirteenth birthday this week and to celebrate they had a sale. I've been thinking I might get there all week but it didn't happen until today. I have been going to the patchwork apple since Xam was tiny and he's just had his thirteenth birthday too! I just love this shop. Jane is always so friendly and her shop has the nicest feeling of all the quilting shops I have been to. And she has lots of fabric! Picklesticks wasn't well today so I didn't have an excited volunteer to go with me. I talked Lucy Lou and Murray into going with me so that I had someone to go "ooooh" and "aaaah" with. Lucy Lou is a sewer of clothes so she can appreciate fabric and Murray is just like Picklesticks, but twelve years younger. She is a maker and designer of all sorts of things despite being only ten.
This was the best table at the patchwork apple today. It had fifty percent off bargains on it. To cheer Picklesticks up I grabbed some fifty percent off fabric for her and put it in a "showbag" for her. Delivery is tomorrow! More fish pouches! The blue fish pouch was made by Dax. He drew and cut out the shape, then Picklesticks sewed it and he sewed on the eye. He wanted his zip in his fish's back because he didn't want his fish to be put upsidedown every time he needed something!
This fish pouch was designed, sewn and beaded by Murray. She has a compulsion to make things all day everyday and even all night. She gets her best ideas just before bedtime and then it's a struggle to get her to bed!
This is my workspace in my "making, doing room". It's not exclusively my room. The bench runs the length of the wall so we have room for other sewing machines and drawing and writing etc. We have a table in the middle of the room and a wall of cupboards to stash things like fabric and paper and clay and lots of UFO's!


sue said...

Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. I do find I am more productive when I have lots of knits on the go, and sewing projects too, although at the moment I only have 2 of those. Your cushions look great, and I think every kid loves lego and it is not geeky at all. The patchwork shop looks wonderful, and I am sure Picklesticks will be very happy that you bought her something too.

picklesticks said...

Yay! I got a fabric postcard today. It was very exciting. I am going to take it for show and tell tomorrow. I also received a show bag which cheered me up significantly. I now just need to make something good with the bits inside.

Melly said...

There is nothing better that a good sale!! Sounds like so much fun. The blog meet was great - thanks so much for your well wishes! And what cute fishies!