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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day To All!

This is the Rosemary bush responsible for the renaming of our house. I love the whole "naming" thing and am planning to give every room in our house a name. I was reading somewhere recently that you shouldn't "name" rooms, but just let their names develop over time. I guess I must be a control freak because I want to name the rooms George and I have worked so hard on! Of course all that work is an on-going process at our house. Renovating is something I try to squeeze a little of in every day. Doesn't always work!
We have a big push on at the moment to complete some more rooms at our house. Our twins, Lucy Lu & Katie are having a birthday party next month. Lucy would be happy to invite her friends whatever the state of the house, but Katie is not! She tells me frequently that when she grows up she is going to have a "shiny" house. So that is my goal too. I want to renovate my house to the point of shininess so that Katie can invite her friends over! It's funny. The last time we had such a push was last year just before Katie's birthday! The following photos show some of the room we finished for her last year. It has become known as "the white room". (See! We're not creative enough to "develop" cool names at our house!!!)

Some of the pipberries on top of my wall cabinets in the white room. I bought the pipberries from my most favourite quilt shop the patchwork apple. The white room is our sewing, making, doing room. The pipberries are there to look pretty and to stop people putting stuff on top of the cabinets George so lovingly built for me. (We're not big on cleaning up! As soon as we finish one project we all just want to start another, not clean up.)
The bluebirds and lanterns are another part of my "tidy" strategy! They are from Ikea which is another of my most favourite places. All those room settings! It's just like "playing house". I had such fun in kindergarten! The bluebirds are my "bluebirds of happiness" and make fantastic nightlights. Now - back to craft! Picklestick and I went to our rag rug class on Friday. The photo below shows you the results of our morning's work! Speaking of photos, notice I got the whole visual thing happening! Impressive, huh? Hey! I know you guys can all do it, but it's still exciting to me. I found a(n almost twenty-)three year old to help me with it. If more photos show up here you'll know what a great teacher she is! (More photos like my new quilt, new bags and fabricy mother's day gifts.)


picklesticks said...

Wow, your photo's look great on your blog. I especially love your rosemary!

Sarah said...

I love those bluebirds!!!!

de vliegende koe said...

Hi Martha, I saw your comment on the MellyandMe scrappy swap, so I visited your blog. I’m a new blogger as well. I am curious about your shaggy flannel ‘cheat’ quilt. I love it, so can you tell me something about this ‘cheating’ technique? It looks like the three layers are stitched at once?
I hope you will find some time to fill me in on this!