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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!

Picklestick and I have been having lots of fun this week! We are now felters. You're impressed, huh? Umm, I don't actually have any photographic evidence of this - but trust me! It's true. This is a fish pouch Picklestick and I made for one of Katie's friend's birthday this week. Don't you love the tail? That's just how the fabric was! I love fabric.
The zip opens to reveal some Ikea linen. I love fabric from Ikea! The fish is Picklestick's design and she's the one who insisted that if you open fish it has to be at the belly.(Her Bloke is a fisherman, so I guess she would know!) This is a softie picklestick made for the birthday present. We used the same fabric range for her clothes. We also made a bag out of this fabric range and linen, but there are no photos 'cause we're kind of last minuters!

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sue said...

What a cute doll and clothes too. I can see your as talented as your daughter is.