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Friday, 24 May 2013

That was then, this is now...

 Last Friday I was procrastiquilting with this quilt, this Friday I am just quilting it. Actually I started quilting it last Saturday. I think deciding exactly what to quilt on it was my problem. I decided to use flowers (it's kind of a springy, sunshiny kind of quilt), but Lily16 informed me this morning before school that the butterflies I'm quilting are lovely. They are like butterflies so I'm happy with either.

This is the view from the back. I am doing free motion quilting, but using the grid of the granny square for a placement guide. I am a little slow with the quilting on this quilt, but the reason why will soon become apparent!

Look! Grandchildren! Yes, I spent some of this week in Adelaide visiting children (I got to see almost all of them) and grandchildren. I had the great pleasure of babysitting my two granddaughters whilst their Mum took grandson on a Kindergarten excursion. Our grandson has recently been diagnosed as being autistic, which doesn't actually change anything as far as we are concerned, (he is still just as wonderful and difficult as he ever was) but it has meant that he is now getting help for some of those difficulties. He has a helper at Kindy and he was welcome on the excursion as long as his Mum went with him, so I  quickly volunteered to babysit before his Mum could ask anyone else! I love a good reason to go visit my kids! (Of any age)

The girls started out playing musical instruments...

...and finished off playing in the backyard. And Ma (that's me) took blurry photos!

In other news, I recently purchased a Sizzix Big Shot. Isn't it beautiful? (Well, if you look beyond the pink and diamantes. I'm kind of not a pink and sparkly person.) Right now it's kind of just a doorstop, because I don't actually have any dies. I can't wait to cut some fabric with it! Better get onto ordering some dies I think, and finishing off that quilt.


Lorraine said...

Nothing like a flying visit with kids and grand kids.....love your quilting...!! and get some die thingys for your Big Shot and start cutting :)

Shay said...

One of the best things about having kids and grandkids is getting to spend time with them. Sounds like you enjoyed that flying visit (and how could you not with those adorable little people to play with )

I like the butterlfies /flowers too...you're really humming along with that quilt. Go Kris!

Suzanne said...

Grandbabies are the best! Your flower quilt pattern is pretty.

Sunshine & Fabric said...

Just stumbled across your blog through pinterest. Very inspiring. You have some lovely projects.

Sunshine & Fabric said...

Just stumbled across your blog via pinterest. Very inspiring! You have some lovely projects.

Sunshine & Fabric said...

Just stumbled upon your blog via pinterest. Very inspiring! You have some lovely projects.

quiltygal said...

Was just sitting here thinking about finishing off my Granny square quilt !! think mine will be a straight line finish ( on account of my inability to free motion anything !!)... so glad that you had fun on your visit ..... was looking at the same cutting machine today very tempting well Xmas is coming :)