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Monday, 6 May 2013

Don't you think housework has a lot to answer for?

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I have been quilting, in between the housework of course. How is it that you declare your intention to spend the week or weekend sewing and then someone cleans their room? I'm talking teenaged rooms here. They get to be knee-deep in clothing etc and then they decide to clean up and suddenly every washing basket in the house is overflowing! Lol! Well, that's how it seems here. And then my Bradley mentions (just casually in conversation) that mine is the messiest bedroom in the house now. (His side is pretty much immaculate *sigh* I think that man needs a hobby obsession like quilting!) So I have been quilting, but not much. I'm keen to get a couple of finishes this week. Must. Finish. Something. (The washing? My room?...)


Susan said...

Does anyone really understand a teenage boys thought processes? Not me! Unfortunately the housework fairies don't come here......I like to reward myself for doing housework with LOTS of sewing time. And don't forget.....creative clutter is better than idle neatness!

Dee said...

I feel your pain. Mr 19 wants his room painted which means the best clean up in years, now where to store it ?? cant use his sisters empty room as we have 2 guests coming for one night then Miss23 will be home for a night then the boxes can go in there. They be in the lounge room with a 1 year old around.!!! Hopefully some things will go in the bin.

Amanda said...

with more that a week living with my kitchen spread over 3 other rooms I just am looking at all the housework that needs to be done trouble is I haven't felt like doing any sewing with all this mess so I am not achieving anything.