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Friday, 17 May 2013

Over-thinking it and Stitching

So, after finishing the last quilt and realising that I spent too much time worrying about the quilting, instead of just quilting this one I'm worrying again. So I am doing things like considering basting these table runners. Just considering mind you. Heaven forbid I should rush into action here people!

Whilst yesterday saw me finish the appliqué on the Bonnie Sullivan table runner from the Quilted Crow class I did in Hobart, and not a moment too soon, because I saw Loz's lovely finished (finished!!!) runner on Instagram last night.

Embroidery next, then the border and then to finish the runner off. Any minute now.....


Anonymous said...

lovely work you do Kris and i love Loz's runner,xx

Lorraine said...

Before you rush into doing the embroidery (like I did) put the border on....i did the embroidery first because I didn't read the pattern and so didn't have the straight edge of the border to follow hence wibbly wobbly embroidery! i love this table runner - it makes me smile and it also reminds me of a fab time with you in Hobart! have fun quilting or procrastinating whichever you end up doing... :)

Pip said...

classic avoidance technique :)
which is why I tidy up my work room so much.

just do it

Shay said...

Your table runner is looking wonderful Kris. I saw Loz's in the flesh yesterday and it's lovely too.