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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I won a give away!

the sweet package Marg sent me
The other day I had a dream that I had won a blog give away, so I woke up all expectant. I am an eternal pessimist (We really are happy people. We spend most of our time being right, and the rest of the time being pleasantly surprised!) and dismissed the dream as soon as I was truly conscious. Later that morning as I checked my favourite blogs, there was my name! I won two patterns in a Marg Low give away! (Check out Marg's blog and all of her pretty things here.) Today I received them, along with a couple of trinkets to use with the "Festive Trinkets" pattern. I am looking forward to using that pattern. I did a class with Marg in Adelaide last year and had a wonderful time making a bookmark for my daughter. I am planning to make Christmassy stuff in October and November, so look out for my trinkets!

two patterns, as well as the trinkets on the ribbon

In other news, I seem to be distracting myself from finishing the sewing room (Visits to Ikea... blogging... ). Must. Go. Finish.


Leanne said...

It is always good to win a give away. I will be waiting for those Christmas finishes in Oct. And Nov. Blogger has gone mad here hope this comment doesn't appear twice as it did last time.

FloS said...

Congratulations !!

Lorraine said...

I saw your name on the winners list on Marg's blog....nice!! How is the sewing room going? Like Leanne I will be watching for those early Christmas finishes!!