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Monday, 11 July 2011

Where I am

I am still in Adelaide visiting with my family after enjoying my Inspired Stitches weekend. (This is granddaughter cuddling a lizard, as you do!) I had four catchups with friends last week (Thanks Sue, Shay, Leonie and Loz, it was so good to spend time with you all!) and this week Picklesticks and I are planning to finish her new studio, while waiting for her baby to be born. I think that her baby should come before next Saturday (when I am off home) but she's not convinced that will happen. We'll see!


Lurline said...

OMG! How gorgeous the little one knows no fear - I guess she is really safe!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Leanne said...

One would think that new grandchild would accommodate you.

Sarah said...

DO you need to rush home?


Lorraine said...

Lovely to catch up with you Kris...enjoy the rest of your "holiday"!

Jantine said...

Enjoy your time. I hope your grandchild will listen to grandma, who can't wait... It would be a shame to go back that looonnnggg way and not have met!

Shay said...

It was so good to see you Kris. I'm glad you're having fun while you're here . (Now if we could just hurry that little grand baby of yours along...)

Sue said...

Hey, I just thought - Daisy and Geranium! HA!
Jess has to become very involved in a new project - that's when my kids bug me - her baby is sure to come!

Levin said...

ooh I think it should be born today - so you have ample opportunities to cuddle before you go back!
Enjoy the next few days and keep warm!!!

Lotti said...

Well it was wonderful to catch up with you too. I hope that little bundle does arrive as soon as possible. The last few weeks are hard, especially when you have other little ones to look after as well. Aren't kids amazing, they'll give anything a cuddle. Enjoy the time you still have here in Adelaide and a safe trip home.