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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Market Monsters Today

No, this isn't a monster! This is grandson at sewing day today. Miss 24 and I went to Picklestick's house for sewing day. We all sewed monsters for the MarionLIFE market we are going to on October 23rd. Grandson drew while we sewed. Granddaughter played and was juggled between us all. (Seven month olds are like that!) It was a lovely day. I managed to sew three monsters. I came home and stuffed and stitched up the six monsters that we got finished.

These are my three monsters caught in the garden in my parsley. I don't have much of a garden, but I can grow parsley anywhere. It seems to be a talent of mine.

So, if you are in Adelaide and at a loss on Saturday October 23rd come to the market, introduce yourself to me and maybe pick up a monster or two!


Jacqui said...

woo hoo I will see you there I have a stall too!!!

Love those monsters, i hope to sell stuff so I can buy stuff!! lolol

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...


Put aside that middle monster for Little P.He'd love it. Seriously. I figure that can contribute to my handmade Christmas vow. It'll probably be the only thing anyone gets thats handmade.

I'm going to write that down in my diary so I dont forget!

Stephanie said...

Didn't the grandkids make off with a monster or two? So cute.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I've put a reminder into my phone so I don't forget about it

Kate said...

That sounds like a lovely day - good luck with the market!

Louise said...

Wish I could be in Adelaide! The monsters are lovely. So is the parsley! x

The Clip Cafe said...

Love your blog, monsters and your large family! We have one too :-)

Jo in TAS said...

Who'd have thought monsters could be cute! They look fabulous! Good Luck at Market