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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sneak Peek and Lego

I set out to design and make a new handbag today. This is as far as I got. It took all day. I think I was tired! The outside is made. The lining is made. The handle is made. But I can't get them all together because I am too tired and keep making mistakes. Ahh well. Tomorrow!

The boys amused themselves whilst I sewed by building with Lego. They had a blast, so I thought I would include some of their photos to keep you amused!


Leanne said...

It's looking good I know what you mean about tied and mistakes. Well done to the boys the ship look like you could go to sea in them.

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

I like it so far. Legos are the best invention ever!

Suzanne said...

Never sew when you're really tired. It takes twice as long because of all the mistakes. I like the lego creations too!

Jantine said...

Lucas is completely stunned with what your boys can make with lego!

Shay said...

Time to enter your kids in the Lego world championships. They can make some money and fund your fabric stash.

Love whatever it is you're sneakily peeking.