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Monday, 16 August 2010


Went to teach needle turn applique at my Mum's U3A quilting class today. Demonstrating needle turn applique was difficult, because I left my glasses at home! (I also left the photocopies of the pattern I'd planned to use at home! One of those days I think.) I must be getting old!
  • Proof of my advancing years.
  1. Invited to teach at U3A (University of the third age)
  2. Forgot my glasses!
  3. Have to wear glasses to see when hand stitching. (I teased my Bradley mercilessly when he started to need glasses. Why did I think I would be immune?)
Oh! There they are. On my bedside table.

This is my Mum hard at work. Yes! I know. I have more grey hair than she does, despite the fact that she will be 70 next year. (What can I say? I take after my Dad obviously. He has a lovely head of white hair!)

And some of the women in the class. All working hard. It was just me slacking cause I didn't have my glasses. I am hoping to finish something this week. The month is half over and I don't have any finishes! I am feeling much better now though, so any thing could happen!


Chookyblue...... said...

LOL...........that will learn you being so cockie............sound fun though.....next time remember the glasses........

Maree: said...

What a Lovely Opportunity to be able to Teach Applique...I'm sure you will Remember Everthing next time..lol