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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Busy, busy!

So, I didn't actually do any tidying today. Just sewing. You know, the tidying was a nice idea, and I'm sure I will do it some time, but not today! Instead I modified a charm pack (above)

Sewed one corner of my red club quilt. (The centre "T" section is going to be "on point" with these triangles in the corners)

And rearranged these leftover moda jelly roll strips into some stripy blocks. Can you tell I had problems concentrating today? I am happy with what I got done though. There may never be another finish in my life again. I may just flit from project to project. This idea has great appeal! Piecing is my favourite part of the quilting process, so this could really work for me!

Sewing day tomorrow at Picklestick's house. Not sure what I will take with me. I have so many projects on the go! I'm looking forward to sewing again tomorrow.


quiltygal said...

Sometimes you just have a need to potter... not very taxing...you obviously need a bit longer to recover fully from your "lurgy"

Mary said...

I like piecing too. I like that red!

Katherine said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that tackles projects -several at a time. A bit here and a bit there. ;o)
It's all looking lovely, Kris... looking forward to seeing more on each project.

Maree: said...

Lots going on...all looking Good...I am lovin your Red Club Quilt..

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I like piecing best too, it's great to see everything come together. Flitting from project to project will eventually help finish them, besides it keeps your interest going, you could have a project for each day of the week (or even day of the month lol)

Stephanie said...

I find as I near the end of a project I want to start another--delaying the finishing. Pretty projects you have going.