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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Paper Bag Swap

Edit: For those of you wondering about my giveaway, I am leaving the comments open until Tuesday night now and will be drawing the winner on Tuesday night.
I have been working on a paperbag swap this year. I haven't posted about it much because I keep forgetting to take any photos of the quilt tops I have worked on! Not sure why. Maybe because I know the quilt is not for me? Not sure. This was the kind of paperbag swap that you start yourself. Then others work on it and it finally comes back to you! We started out by making a 15 and a half inch square doing anything we liked. (I think I did post this square.) Next we had to frame the square. (On the quilt we received, not ours) Then add some triangles. Next was applique. And finally we had to add squares and or rectangles. Of course, when we had finished a section we took the quilt back to Jane (or Sara) at the patchwork apple and swapped for a different paperbag! This swap has been an interesting ride. Sometimes I have received quilt tops that are just so far from what I usually do that I have felt that I couldn't possibly even work on them. I have felt lost and not sure what to do just about everytime I have received a new paperbag to work on! I think swaps are good for us creatively because we are usually stretched beyond what we would choose for ourselves and I was stretched with this swap! Today I took my last quilt up to the patchwork apple and my finished quilt was there waiting for me! (Photos below.) I also bumped into Loz which was fun! She was there collecting her paperbag quilt top too! I did know she was in the area, but hadn't planned to bump into her so it was a lovely surprise. We chatted as we both bought fabric. (I know! Who would believe that of Loz and myself? We are both usually so restrained in that department. NOT!!!)

This photo was taken outside this afternoon. This is a pretty good representation of the colours. I really love my quilt top. I am going to add some more to it myself and then quilt it. I'm thinking of turning it into a rectangle. Not sure what I am going to add to it. I'll have to think about it for a bit!

Here it is inside on my sewing room floor. The colours not quite right, but you are better able to see it all!

Another shot of it. (Can you tell I really like it?) Jane plans to have an exhibition for all those that finish these paperbag quilts sometime next year. I almost can't wait. I really want to see how the quilt tops I worked on have turned out and what their owners think of them. It must be the nosey-parker in me coming out! Can't wait!!!


Bert Jan en Jantine said...

This bird got beautifully framed! Just love it!

Katherine said...

It's so sweet, Kris. I'm in love with it too!

sandra said...

It is beautiful, I love your centre and the colours are just right.

Karen said...

Very creative use of fabric. I like the colors.

Suzanne said...

What a fun swap to get your creative juices flowing....

Lotti said...

truly beautiful mix of colours ... so gorgeous .... what a lovely piece of work. I am looking forward to visiting sometime and seeing it up on your wall.

Maree: said...

What a Lovely Piece..love that the Birds were repeated for you...Great Colours.

nicolette said...

I love it Kris! I think this paperbag swap is very interesting, it’s new to me, so i’m a bit (very) curious).

In what way is the fabric store involved in this project, did you all buy the fabrics there and did you fill ‘your bag’ with ‘your fabrics’ or do you just have to wait what other participants are going to use?

Would love to hear from you!