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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Happy Birthday!

An old photo of some of my kids. Left to right: Miss 23, nephew, Mr 21, Miss 19, and Mrs 25. The long weekend saw the birthdays of Miss 19 (she's 20 now!) and Miss 23 (she's 24!). I feel so old! All these adults for children! Miss 24 and Miss 13 were away for the weekend at a basketball carnival and Miss 18 spent the weekend "out" so there were only 4 of us at home. Very strange. I didn't actually get any sewing done (what's with that?) and this week has been the same. I did sew some curtains, but that doesn't count to me. Perhaps I will change the week's history and go sew!


Lorraine said...

Cute pics.....and i guess it just seems like yesterday they were all little kids! Wait until your oldest is 35 and see how old you feel..LOLOL.....Hope you are getting some sewing done...I ventured into the sewing room yesterday for the first time since getting it all set up and even did some sewing! Wonders will never cease...hope all is well with you...!

Copper Patch said...

I was telling off a 14yr old (at work) and I felt old....I heard myself saying things that would have made my eyes roll when I was fourteen :o)
Hope you were having fun on you un-crafty weekend.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I've just been looking at your sidebar and you have been very productive so far this year. Love the background on your blog.

Mary said...

The changes to your blog look great. Yes - get to the sewing!

Shontelle said...

ooh, I like your new background. V. pretty.

Louise said...

It's funny when you reach a certain age, when you look at all the kids, and think I could quite easily be your granny! This is a lovely family snapshot Kris. x