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Saturday, 6 February 2010


Family activity tonight - sunset watching at the beach. Whilst watching the sunset we had many and varied conversations. Some of the questions we pondered included:
  • Why do we say we go swimming at the beach, when quite clearly what most of us do is just standing?
  • Why is it that dog owners mostly suffer from illiteracy?
  • Why is that boat travelling south, then north, then south, then north, then south, then north, then south, then north........
  • Why are we watching a sunset because the sun is very shiny? (Really. This was hotly discussed.)
  • What should we have for the dessert that was inevitable after the sunset watching.
We just love the beach. Even more if our feet don't get sandy or wet, so Glenelg is one of our favourite spots. Bike path, strolling path, park benches and grass to picnic on. One day when we grow up we're going to live there. (I really hope we get grown up one day)


maria said...

I visited Glenelg all those years ago when I visited Australia. If my memory serves me correctly we went on a steam train from Adelaide.

maria said...

Just looked at Glenelg link, it must have been a tram!

Mary said...

oh i wish i could go to the beach right about now. instead i'm looking at 28 inches of snow and hoping my deck doesn't collapse. and guess what-they are calling for more snow tuesday! ahhhh, i'm finished with winter!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I hope you had an ice-cream for dessert last night, that is what we normally have when we go down to the beach in the evening.

Sarah said...

SOunds like the perfect way to spend an evening with the family.

So did you work out why sailing boats go side to side yet? It is the best way to catch the wind and sail.

Ummm yes I a dog wner wonder why other dog oners cannot read.

louise said...

Two years ago when we visited Glenelg it was so hot all we could do was bake on the grass. When we visited a few weeks back the heat was much more comfortable and we lay on the sand for a while. It's a lovely area to relax in. x

Leanne said...

Great sunset Kris. I like your pondering points.