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Sunday, 7 February 2010

I live with crazy people!

Crazy people I tell you! Whilst at the beach last night Mr 15 found a "beach tree dude". He had a wonderful time walking the dude on the grass and introducing him to everyone. I have to mention here that the dude had a very strange voice! Earlier this evening I made good a promise to Mr 15 that I would play our new game Saboteur with the kids today. It is a fantastic card game. We were all dwarves digging for gold. (Except for the saboteur!) We were actually great dwarves and we even found gold (three times in fact). A terribly fun game that caused everyone to lose their marbles. Much loud laughter and squealing. I had to go lay down in a quiet room for half an hour afterwards! Hamburgers cooked on the barbie were dinner tonight. Today was a hot day and I definitely didn't want any heat from cooking fighting with the air conditioner. A busy week coming up. Busy, and then not. Can't wait!


Lorraine said...

Hey....I have a busy week which is going to turn into a not so busy week in the middle....and you thought you LIVED with crazy people!!

picklesticks said...

Love the sound of all the craziness at your house!

Mary said...

I love days like that. You know they are good when you need to take a rest in a quiet location.