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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Op Shopping!

We visited secondhand shops in Port Elliot on the weekend and I found this wonderful book. I love it. It is full of things crafted, made, fashioned and created by Australian women. I can't tell you just how close to my heart that is. Maybe it's because my mother could and did make so many things that made my life better. When I was young I wore clothing she sewed for me and wore jumpers she had knitted. She sewed and knitted for all of us. She painted and decorated our homes. She hung wallpaper and sewed blinds and curtains. If I needed a desk she built one for me. Her art work hung on our walls and she not only painted her own art work she also framed it herself. She hooked rugs and wove baskets. She made leather handbags and belts for us. And I spent hours watching her do all that! Nowadays quilts adorn her walls and cover her beds. I learnt many things from my mother. From sewing to knitting and beyond, but the thing I learnt best from her was "Only boring people are bored." She was always busy and always had things to do. I don't understand it when people tell me they have nothing to do. I don't have time to do all the things I "should" do let alone all the "want to dos" I have. I have included some of the photos from this fantastic book.

These baby clothes are inspiring me! I am working on some like these for the new grandchild due in two and a half weeks! We are all getting excited. Mrs 25 is getting sick and tired of being pregnant. You know how it goes. If pregnant women didn't get sick of being pregnant, pushing out babies wouldn't be an appealing option at all.

So I am flicking through this book and being inspired, enthralled and totally impressed by what women have done before me. I am wanting to take their lead and have more handmade things adorning my home. Maybe that's what this year is about?


Mary said...

I feel the same way about making things for my home. I think it's very important. And that book looks fantastic. I love books like that.

Jill said...

I agree Kris - I can't understand people who are bored - they should craft!! I can thank my Nanna for my sewing/handcraft passion - she was a tailor's wife by occupation and I always remember going to her house and pulling out her fabric stash and playing with it. She made me lots of clothes including pyjamas!

picklesticks said...

My mother has always made me things and still does even though I am grown, lol! I love to watch her sew. The best thing she did for me though I think was to provide me with tools and supplies help me create things too.

Kate said...

What a great book.

Levin said...

i remember that feeling of being sick of being pregnant. i was two weeks late with both my boys so i had it big time!!!
but like you said, you need to feel that way to get you in to the right frame of mind for labour.
hope she goes well...