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Friday, 22 January 2010

What did I do this week? Umm.....

What did I do this week? Umm...... not sure.
  • I am busy making a quilt top from Moda's Wiscasset. Beautiful fabrics! (They are the fabrics in the photo above) It will be a double Irish chain quilt and I already love it even though it is nothing more than a few scraps of fabric on my desk!
  • I worked out that since January is almost over I should probably start using my 2010 diary. So I marked all my classes and retreats I have booked so far. 2010 is looking good! (I am also loving this diary! It's really well set out and I feel happy every time I use it!)
  • I worked a little on the pies and tarts and thought I should plan out my pies and tarts year so that I can make sure I finish this quilt this year. Didn't actually plan it mind you, but I did think about planning it.
  • And..... no, that's it!
Can't believe that took me a whole week! Well I'm sure I did some other things as well, but they must have all been boring things! I am looking forward to the weekend and the sewing time I hope to have. Maybe I'll even plan out those pies and tarts!


Leanne said...

Time just zooms by sometimes I wonder what I have done perhaps I waste toooooo much of it.

Lorraine said...

This week has just flown by!! I finished my paper bag block (it wasn't very intricate!) and took it to Jane's today...so that got rid of most of the day....I was even tempted to sign up for the pies and tarts quilt..it would make a change from doing stitcheries in the evening....Janes says they are addictive.......I am still really tempted......will think about it! I am sure you accomplished more than you think this week......I thought just getting out of bed and going to work every morning was a major accomplishment for me!

quiltygal said...

Oh love that material...very lush... I have a couple of patterns picked for my new fabric ....well with 33 fat quarters I think I need more than one!!....& a double Irish chain is one of them..had no working machine this week (too hot to dig my old one out from outside room)so done some crocheting

Jenny said...

Congratulations to your daughter for getting into the courses they both wanted. And I too am having getting over the fact that January is almost over!Yikes where did that go?

Beeshebags said...

Wow, another Adelaide gal......what area are you in? I'm near Elizabeth here. Just where did January go? I'm sure the older we get the quicker the years go by! Hugs Naomi