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Monday, 11 January 2010

I've joined in.....

.....with Peg and Kris for "One Project a Month 2010". So have 199 others so I guess you will see this logo around the place this year. The idea is to record your finishes which will encourage you to complete projects! It's also a kind of big cheer squad as well, because we will all be encouraging each other! This fits in really well with the goals I have set for myself this year which will also be appearing in my sidebar sometime soon. (Hopefully before February!) We are still quite busy here at Rosemary Hill. Miss 23 and Miss 17 are waiting anxiously for first round university offers which come out later this week. Their thoughts swing from "will I get my first choice" all the way down to "will I be offered anything???????". It's quite a stressful waiting time, as I'm sure lots of you know. Mr 15 and Miss 12 will be changing schools this year too so we have some organising to do for them as well. It is a busy time of year! After five days of extreme heat we have now had a cool change which even came with some rain. It is as if everything has had a huge sigh of relief! Hope your day is as wonderful at your house!

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Lorraine said...

You have joined in and I have opted out..LOLOL....my goals this year are just to stitch whenever I can and hopefully complete a few things.....which I will brag about at the time.....so there probably won't be too much of that happening!.....2009 was the year of collecting...patterns...BOMs........fabrics....so hopefully 2010 will be the year of doing.....will wait and see......! So far this year I am just tired!! LOL