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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Happy Birthday!

It was back to school today here in Adelaide. Back to school after 6 weeks of summer holidays. Not enough weeks I think, personally! It was a BIG day for Miss 12. It was not only back to school for her - it was back to a brand new school. Slightly scary! It was also her 13th birthday today. She said that when she had to "borrow" textbooks today the teachers wished her a happy birthday because her details came up on their screen. She was nervous last night and didn't get much sleep so she was tired when she got home. We met all the kids at Fasta Pasta for dinner (Miss 13's request!) and we were surprised to find that we are 14 people now. Mrs 25, her bloke and grandson; Miss 23; Mr 21 and his fiance; Miss 19 and her boyfriend; Miss 17; Mr 15; Miss 13; Mr 9; me and my Bradley. Who would have thought that there would be so many of us! It was a fun night which ended at our place with Miss 13 and I giggling at ANYTHING! Well, not really anything. Miss 19 is pretty hysterical and she kept us in stitches!

Speaking of stitches......... this is what I have been working on this week. It is a raw edge applique centre square for a quilt. It is the first time I have used Kelli's (Don't Look Now) applique technique since I went to her workshop last year. So much fun! And I think I'm even improving! (Which has me flabberghasted! I was not so great at this at the workshop so it was good to be able to see some improvement!) Of course, I am still working on the double Irish chain quilt top. Oh, and the pies and tarts too. I really need several projects on the go to keep my attention and prevent boredom. I have only had one finish for January and would like to get another, but I think everything I am working on at the moment is part of a large project which won't be finished any time soon! I'll have to make sure that I have some quick projects on the go in February otherwise I am going to look like a major slacker next to all those over-achievers doing the 2010 OPAM. Lol! Finishing really does seem to be the buzz word of 2010. I see finishes all over the place in blogland. Hope all your finishes come to you too!


Mary said...

I like that what you are working on. Pretty colors in it. And Happy Birthday to Miss 13! Ryan turns 13 on February 26.

Jantine said...

Congratulations for MS 13!
This raw appliqué centre looks awesome. Love the tree with the bird and the flowers underneath. Is it an existing pattern or did you make it up yourself?

Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday to Miss 13....and a very happy birthday to you too......!!! Have a fantastic day! Love your raw edge applique piece - is that for the paper bag party??? or is it a secret? whatever...it is fantastic...love the colours....and if I remember you weren't that bad in Kellie's class........Hope Miss 13 had a good start to the school year at the new school.

Levin said...

firstly (and sorry miss 13) but i LOVE that panel. i think it's very clever and i love the design and the colours - fabulous
happy birthday miss 13 - hope school is great for you and that the year ahead is filled with much joy and lots more giggling.

mellyandrosie said...

That centre block is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it to bits!!!

Dawn said...

Happy Belated birthday to Miss 13.... I love your raw edge Kris, so nice, love the bird and those flowers are cool... it is addictive isn't it once you get started.... I am addicted bigtime..
Hugs and happy finishes.
Dawn xxx

Sarah said...

Happy birthday MIss 13! I hope you settle in your new school with ease.

I love that quilt top you are doing. The bird, colours etc - all very nice.

Jill said...

Your raw edge applique technique is great Kris. I love the fabric you have chosen. I think that workshop did my machine stitching wonders too - I am so much more confident yay Kellie!!

Leanne said...

Happy B/day Miss 13. Your block looks good. Perhaps you are like me I never do that well at workshop tooooo busy talking LOL.

Cosy said...

Happy birthday to Miss 13! Have a great birthday month (yes, take a month, I say). And happy birthday to you.

I usually read your blog through Google Reader so don't get the full effect of it's layout. It looks beautiful! I'm sorry that I'm missing the total blog reading experience when I don't see the layout. Maybe I need to toss the Reader. (But I do love the Reader!)

Self-obsessed rambling there!

And the applique techniques is great too. Fab choice of fabric - I love those colours too.

I'm back to school next week too. Three days a week. Mmmm, I can see an afternoon sleep coming on!

Carolyn x

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Miss 13!

Love your new applique project - I love the bird applique - very sweet!