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Tuesday, 6 October 2009


This year really is zooming by. It is school holidays here (we're halfway through two weeks of holidays). This is what Miss 17 wore to school on casual day during the last week of term. For most kids casual day signifies a day to get out of school uniform. For Miss 17 it is a costume opportunity. She went as Wally from the "Where's Wally" books. (Waldo in the US I think) She spent the day being "found" by everyone at school! I have been busy continuing to get organised and just being busy. I have been watching re-runs of "Project Runway" on Foxtel. Not re-runs to me though, because I have never seen them before. I looooove "Project Runway"! Foxtel is partway through season 5. I find them all so inspiring. Not sure if I love the show so much cause I just like seeing people sew (What??? Sewing is my best!) or whether I just enjoy creativity - even vicariously! The show makes me think I can design clothes, so it definitely is inspiring! I have a day of sewing ahead so I must get to it!


Lorraine said...

Hey you.....wondered where you were.....I like it..... just busy being busy!! me too!! I was going to spend a day in the sewing room yesterday but got my dining room back to where it was before the renos happened....I was sick of it looking like we had been robbed or were moving out! Feel better about that but still no sewing...enjoy your sewing day......!

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Ditto, me too, been doing quite a bit of sewing, but can't show much as it is all Christmas presents. I didn't pick that Miss 17 was wearing a costume, but I liked the look, great idea seeing casual day as a costume opportunity. Enjoy your sewing too.

The Patchwork Apple- Jane said...

Welcome back!

Levin (and Emily) said...

welcome back!
i love the where's wally outfit. and i love that she has a theme ;)
i've not seen project runway - we don't have foxtel so i guess i will never get to see it :(
lovely to read about your life again

Jantine said...

Love the Wally outfit. We call him Wally too and my kids love the book. So, how are your kids finding going to school instead of homeschooling and how are you finding it with just one kid at home?

Mary said...

My kids (Jason and Molly) had pajama day at school - they both wanted zippered footed pj's - it was very funny! I'm not sure what is more disturbing - the fact that they make giant zippered footed pj's or that my kids wore them in public! :O) Anddddd, I love Where's Waldo!

Janine B said...

wondering where you were.
enjoy your sewing! my room is progressing but think my house sounds like an earlier comment -
that we are in the process of moving out!! gotta love those reno's. big fan of "where's wally?"

quiltygal said...

Welcome back....missed you

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I also love PR! I've watched it faithfully since the very first episode! (And that's saying something!)

That's so funny, to dress up as Waldo/Wally...such fun!

lera said...

What a GREAT idea! I love this. (Oh, and yes, it is Waldo over here.)