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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mystery indulgence class

Saturday I went to the Patchwork Apple for a mystery indulgence class. Classes two weekends in a row! It didn't go unnoticed by Mr 9 I can tell you. I had a wonderful time. We got to stitch/embellish fabric for a cushion. Sara (the teacher) said we would be looking at fabric in a different way. I thought it was a great idea. There are so many beautiful fabrics around at the moment that demand you just look at them! Some (like this fabric I chose) are just too lovely to cut into. I decided to highlight the bird with stitching and beading. It's a little hard to see from my photos (that's what you get for taking photos in the middle of the night!) but I think it's looking great. It really was a great day and I got to hang out with Lorraine again and meet a bunch of other stitchers too! Don't know yet what I will do with it. Maybe not a cushion. Cushions have a hard life at my house! Grandson piles them up and then throws himself on them! That's called a snuggle buggle at our house. You need lots of cushions and some rugs as well and then you snuggle, a lot! I can't see a beaded cushion being very snuggly. Mrs 25 was the inventor of the snuggle buggle at our house so it's little wonder that grandson is such a devotee since his Mum is the inventor!

I am looking forward to this week of sewing. I am free motion quilting a quilt and making some nine patches for the nine patch swap. Photos to come!


Mary said...

They are my two favorite colors together. Very pretty fabric. That's like what I did with that fabric I used for the tote bag for my friend. I stitched around the printed fabric and added some beading. Very fun to make. Have you decided what you plan to do with this?

corry said...

Wow, this is so fabulous, what a lovely project! I think it will look great in a frame on the wall too!

Lorraine said...

enjoy your week of sewing...i thought for something different I might go to work all week.....hmmmm that sounds like fun doesn't it!!lovely to catch up on Saturday....I have added some colour with pencils to my fabric...just couldn't get the bluebird right with stitches then had the bright idea of pencils and then some stitches....no pics yet...was too busy finishing my little cushion from Kellie's class....the striped binding finished it nicely.....have a fantastic week....!!

Lurline said...

I just love your fabric, Kris - looking forward to the outcome!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sarah said...

Gosh you are so lucky with all these classes and weekends!