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Monday, 7 September 2009

Royal Adelaide Show

It was off to the show today. Misses 17 and 12 had the day off school today so we went to the show. At the moment I can hear the fireworks in the distance. I took the kids during the day to do all the daytime things at the show and my Bradley and I swapped this evening. So I am home and he is at the fireworks with the kids. (Fireworks are not really my thing. Actually, I don't mind fireworks. It's more that sitting on wet grass for hours is not my thing!) It rained this morning, but once we got to the show there were only one or two very light sprinkles. We were very lucky. I noticed a very dark sky whilst Mr 8 was on the dodgems. We were standing in sunlight with a dark cloud in the background. You can tell we are true Adelaidians because we would have been happy to be rained on, but it didn't come to that. Ahh........ now that commitment is over I can begin the sewing!


Leanne said...

Well done on the show I haven't been for years.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Sounds as if you had a good time, we went on Sunday, the weather was lovely.

Lizzie said...

Great photo's against the dark sky Kris, pouring down here too today.

janine b said...

the first photo of the ride reminds me of the awesome things that were for sale in saigon, made from coke cans. great photo.

Jenny said...

I went for the first time in years-great photos. Did you see the wearable blooms parade?? It was awesome

Suzanne said...

Even with the dark clouds, it looks like fun!

louise said...

To think I used to have the stomach for those rides! Glad you had a great time with the kids. x