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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Glasses case.

There hasn't been a lot of sewing done this week, but I did manage to get this glasses case sewn for my Bradley. He has been asking for one for a couple of weeks now and I finally did it. He liked it so much he has requested a couple more!

See! He's really happy about his new glasses case! Normally I would never show you the appalling curtains we have in our bedroom (They're just temporary! And have been for the last two years!) because they give me nightmares! I guess I'm not a teddy bear fan. I like them, but not that many watching me all night! Any minute now I will sew new curtains. Perhaps I should make that my goal for 2009. New curtains!


Millie said...

What a terrific idea! I love it! I'm always taking mine off and setting them down. Somewhere. Then I run all over the house looking for them.

Mary said...

Wait a second!!! The case is great, but -- YOU HAVE THE SEWING MACHINE FOOT THAT I WANT!!!!! Oh! I'm pea green with envy! That was the foot I was going to get when I went to the ER with Mark instead. That is the coolest foot = boohoo. Do you love it or what?!

Lotti said...

Love the glasses case....what a cool idea. Has Bradley thought of a modeling career??? LOL You could be onto something here with this idea.

Lurline's Place said...

What a neat idea - I am forever losing glass, too!
Hugs - Lurline!

Lulu said...

Those curtains certainly look familiar to me. I made a valance out of that fabric for my niece, many years ago now, but I still have scraps of it kicking around.