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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sport Shorts

I spent this afternoon in my sewing room trying to reproduce some shorts for Miss 16. She has a favourite pair that are slowly dying and she wanted me to replicate them, but better. The legs a little longer, the waist a little lower. When I sew I feel very grown-up. I think that equates to feeling confident for me. I look at her old shorts and think, "Sure, I can make a pattern from this piece of clothing!". When I was a little younger this seemed like an incredibly scary thing. I wouldn't have even considered it. Fortunately, I had Mrs 23 to teach me. Yes, I did teach her to sew, but she has taught me so much about sewing too. And being brave. Having children has taught me so many things that I never dreamed I could learn from being a parent. Anyway, back to the shorts. The pair above (dark green) were my first attempt. The waist was too low. Miss 16 says she will wear them, but they weren't perfect. Back to the drawing board.

This navy blue pair were my second attempt. I'm hopeful that these are perfect (or close to it), she hasn't had a chance to try them on yet. If they are right I will have to make a bunch more for her. Strange to be making shorts in this cold weather, but basketball happens all year round.


LittleBrownDog said...

Wow - both pairs look very professional to me! Sadly, my shorts-wearing days are over, otherwise I might be asking you to run a pair up for me. It's so satisfying to create something useful, isn't it.


Dee said...

Nice shorts. I keep meaning to copy a straight skirt in stretch fabric but i never make the time. maybe later.