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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Skeletons Rule!

According to Mr 7. This is his drawing of a skull. I have had a good week so far. My sewing room is teetering on the brink of organisation. It's a very happy feeling. There are still some things to sort, but I'm almost there. I have made lots of trips to the Salvos and was very surprised to see a piece of my 'Salvo-ed' fabric hanging on the line on one of my favourite blogs. It made me feel very happy to see someone else enjoying something that I loved, but just didn't have room for. I have even done some sewing this week. A curtain for Mr 19's new wardrobe and a liner for a basket. I have also managed to finish the rug I was knitting. I will take some photos and show you tomorrow!


Katherine said...

You've been a busy bee with organizing and getting some sewing and knitting projects done. Can't wait to see the pics!


I knew that was a scull as soon as I saw it. x

LittleBrownDog said...

Just catching up after a hectic couple of weeks. Excellent skull, Kris - recognised it instantly! And just loved those little green baby boots - almost made me feel like having another one. I did say almost.