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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Booties and Miss 11

Miss 11 is very courageous. These booties are her first attempt at knitting with a pattern. She did a pretty good job. She was keen to make something for Mrs 23's baby shower this weekend. She took quite a long time to knit the first bootie, but finishing that one boosted her confidence and the second one came much easier. She needed help to sew them up, but even did large chunks of that herself.

Of course she made a popstick box for the booties to go in. She's the king of the hot glue gun at our house!


Chookyblue...... said...

very cute booties.........

Bird Bath said...

Gee, I'm yet to tackle the mystery of knitting baby booties. She did a sensational job! The popstick box is too cute.

Katherine said...

I'd say that not only is Miss 11 courageous, but she's talented!
Those booties are adorable and what a great way to package them... in a popsicle stick box.


A lot of popsticks have been consumed to make that lovely box. Well done to Miss 11, she has done so well with both of these things. x